Color Guide


CGC’s new brand identity is in synergy with Qatar’s incredible growth and inspiring future, and is aimed at better reflecting the company’s core values and progressive vision to continue to be the leading technology, engineering and mobility solutions and services provider in the Gulf nation and excelling further to expand beyond the existing frontier.

The new identity and logo come at a time when there is a heightened focus on Qatar and its future. The company’s new logo symbolises its resolve to work further for a better tomorrow for all. The logo features various colour combinations displaying the vibrancy and multi-disciplinary business domains of technology, engineering and mobility the company is committed to inspire and take to greater level. These robust tones represent CGC as strong, stable and vibrant personality. Our new tagline ‘Delivering the Future’, goes beyond just being a mere catchphrase, capturing the spirit that drives us as a company. One that enables us to take a high ground for the corporate brand of being a global company that is progressive and is future-focused. It affirms that as CGC we are in the business of delivering the future for all our stakeholders and fuels an internal culture for employees, who will be a driving force for future growth. In line with extraordinary changes taking place in Qatar, our new identity fully demonstrates our readiness to transform ourselves to effectively serve the industry.

The challenge with rebranding CGC was not just to give it a refreshed identity and new logo, but to consolidate the core values and the drive that got CGC to this level of success. The aim was to articulate in an unequivocal manner a core purpose that not just defines who CGC is as a corporate brand, but the role they play in their customers’ lives, employees’ lives and with the society at large.

The core idea was to capture the renewed energy, dynamism, and optimism that an inspired and successful future promises, into a visual idea. This was effectively done by the pixels coming together to form the core of the identity. These multi-colored pixels symbolize the various verticals that CGC drives, the whole team at CGC coming together and working towards delivering the future. The spectrum of colours, chosen to capture the core values of the corporate brand CGC, represents the following:

  • A vibrant teal green captures the trustworthy, dependable and committed value that drives CGC

  • Maroon colour is CGC’s tribute to the legacy and pride of being a Qatari company

  • Orange colour symbolizes the warmth and social connection